The Mattie's Treats Story

Our dog, Mattie, was a happy-go-lucky member of our family, and our hearts broke when she was diagnosed with a kidney condition. We were determined to give her the best life possible. So, when we had difficulty finding treats compatible with Mattie's condition, we consulted with her veterinarian, conducted extensive research, and decided to bake the best homemade treats for Mattie ourselves that are low in protein, phosphorus and sodium. These treats helped maintain her health and brought a little joy back into our lives. In honor of Mattie, we are sharing them with the world.

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“I searched the internet for kidney-safe treats and was shocked to find nothing! Then I came upon Mattie’s treats and what a blessing! My little buddies could still have treats and they liked them.” 
— Nancy M.

“Pinkie loves them! It’s the only thing that entices her to come in from the back yard. So, thank you. It’s so nice to give a little joy to this sweet girl who brings us so much joy every day.” 
— Lisa M.

We have thousands of customers and many of you have shared stories and pictures of your beloved doggy best friend.