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Mattie's Treats

Mattie's Treats

Mattie's Treats

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    Special treats for special dogs: Low Protein, Low Phosphorus, Low Sodium

    Each box contains 1 Pound (16oz/ 453.3 grams) of heart-shaped, crunchy treats 

     Free Shipping when you order 2 or more boxes

     You help fund better lives for dogs with every purchase. A percentage of sales from every box is donated to fund canine kidney disease research

     6 simple ingredients provide a tasty treat designed to compliment almost every dog's diet; light rye flour, tapioca flour, pure pumpkin, cinnamon, fish oil (a good source of Omega 3's), canola oil. Dogs love the real pumpkin and cinnamon taste

    • Made in the USA

     Our dog, Mattie was a happy-go-lucky member of our family and our hearts broke when she was diagnosed with a kidney condition. We were determined to give her the best life possible, so when we had difficulty finding a treat compatible with Mattie's condition, we consulted with her veterinarian, did extensive research, and we decided to bake homemade treats for Mattie ourselves. These treats helped maintain her health and brought a little joy back into our lives so we shared with the world

     Guaranteed Analysis: Protein- 9% max, Phosphorus- 0.2% max, Sodium- 0.05% max, Omega 3- 0.2% min, Fat- 2.2% min, Moisture- 3% min, Ash 0.9% min, copper- 3mg/kg max. 3400 KCALS/kg, 6 KCALS/treat

     72 treats per box

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